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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frontline Flea Treatment Side Effects - What We Need to Know

By Paul Kramer

Frontline flea treatment contains Fipronil. An insecticide that causes hyperexcitation of contaminated insects' nerves and muscles. It remains effective even after bathing or swimming. Frontline kills most fleas before they bite, which is great for pets suffering from flea allergies. Apply this between the shoulder blades.

Frontline kills fleas and ticks for 30 days or more. It is safe to use on puppies at ten weeks and kittens at 12 weeks of age, when used as directed. Fipronil, the powerful active ingredient in Frontline flea treatment, collects naturally in the hair follicles and oil-producing glands of the skin, where it remains protected from removal by shampooing or swimming.

Then it continually reapplies itself to the hair, providing long lasting control for a month or more. It is packaged with 3 separate applications per pack, a three month supply for one pet. It provides convenient and effective flea and tick control for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens. It is effective against all stages of the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, lone star tick and deer ticks.

Pets may experience some temporary irritation at the site of product application. If signs persist or become more severe within a few days of application, consult a veterinarian immediately. This product is for external use on dogs and puppies 10 weeks or older and cats and kittens 12 weeks or older. Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated animals, animals using this product with other pesticides, and debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals.

This product is flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame. This product is harmful to humans if swallowed. Call a physician or poison control center. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water and induce vomiting unless patient is unconscious. This product can cause eye injury. Flush eyes with plenty of water.

Call a physician if irritation persists. Persistent irritation may be the cause of allergies. Along with medicating our pets, we must also take precautionary measures to safeguard ourselves from being contaminated. Washing our hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling will free us from infection and viral transmission. We can be carriers of fleas if we are not careful.

It is important to understand our pet's health conditions. A simple health illness may lead to complications and may cause death of our animals. Only we know the real condition of our pets and only we can prevent the disease to worsen. If we act upon seeing the signs and symptoms, we can save our pets from acquiring any type of disease.

Let our pets be checked regularly by a vet. We have the responsibility to take care of these creatures while they are on our care. Proper hygiene is the most important factor to consider in order to prevent viral infection or flea growth. Give your dog a bath once daily. Just like humans, they need to be clean and fresh all the time. Provide them with shampoo and soap. Always make sure they have clean shelter, and they do not go littering outside dirty areas. Free your pets from ticks and fleas with the Frontline Flea treatment.


  1. After an hour of applying this product on my cat she appears neurologically impaired, was drooling and not herself...i called the 800 number and was told she must have ingested some of it...and not to worry? could this lead to permanent neurological damage?

  2. ^^^^^ i used this on my cat as well right after she started sneezing, about 1 hr after that she had the same symptoms, she layed down wouldnt walk was rubbing her head side to side, this lasted about 20 min, today which is 12 hrs later she had another episode lasted 10 min, i fleaed 5 kittens that seem fine but she is not! Was your cat ok?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ever consider getting her to a vet? If she had ingested some best thing to do is give her water and have her checked out.

  3. A few days after treeting my cat he started acting strange, he wont seem to walk on the carpet and looks at the carpet, if he wants to get anywhere in the house he will quickly run across the carpet and onto the woooden floor.
    He lays outside instead of coming in and has gone very subdued. any answers to this one?

    1. Your carpets need treating as well as your cat! it sounds as if there is a fairly severe infestation of fleas which immediately jump on the cat if he walks on the carpet

    2. The same type symptoms happened to our cat. He almost seems paranoid!! And like his eyesight was affected somewhat. He's also sleeping almost non-stop. But he eats, and output is normal. Just very lethargic and afraid of everything around him.


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