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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cat Chat - The Communication Between Cat Whisperer and Felines

By Kelvin Westly
A cat whisperer is a person who communicates with cats better than other cat owners. But they communicate so much better with cats such that their conversations are sometime what we called as a cat chat.

They are just people who are lucky enough to have a cat show up at their doorstep. Plus they are very successful with that cat.

Many a times, cats such as the black cats and alley cats will "knock" at someone's door and decided to move into their homes. The reasons can be many, such as being abandoned or just taken a liking for that particular person's house.

Many people will assume that a cat whisperer is being regarded as a therapist for cats, as they can understand the felines about their needs and wants as if they are having a conversation with them all the time. Plus, most of the entire whisperers did not go through any kind of training but they just know it naturally.

Abused or mistreated felines have been traumatized and will not respond to anyone other than a cat whisperer. Others who wanted to help the cat will only make matters worse by making the cat feel scared and afraid.

Cats that have been mistreated previously will not trust anyone so easily. They are often traumatized and confused and they feel pain just like humans do. You can always know which cat is being physically abused by the sight of it. But emotionally depressed felines can be perfectly healthy but emotionally, they have been wrecked. Thus, they are harder to understand, especially if they are strays initially.

Conversely, the whisperers can communicate with both physically and emotionally abused cats via their special "cat chat" ability. Cats instinctively know who can be their cat whisperer - one who they sense trust with. Felines are familiar with cat whisperers, but they are unknown to most people. Although a cat whisperer can communicate better with cats, time is still the catalyst to help heal the abused cat.


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