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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hyperthyroidism common in the elderly female cat

Q: I read your works in the sun last week, the veterinary field with great interest. A clear picture of your medical conditions in dogs with low thyroid output (hypothyroidism). The original 10-year-old cat, I have the opposite problem - she suffers from excessive secretion of thyroid hormone - Hyperthyroidism of a disease called upon. After several rounds of review visits and study tours in the local College of Veterinary Medicine Oklahoma State University, and we eventually won the diagnosis, she received a special iodine injection procedures, designed to stop the progress of the disease. So far, so good. I never thought we would spend so much money on the cat - but she is worth.

I think you may want to warn other elderly cat on the disease to enable them to recognize this and be better able to get a good start that should never have happened. - Lori tons

A: Recently, many improvements and advanced medical and nutritional care, our home life of a cat a longer period of time than in the past. The age of the disease to the veterinary profession a bit strange, earlier. One of these diseases is hyperthyroidism cat writer, Lori and experienced.

Before the 20th century, the early 80s, veterinary clinicians do not generally recognized that this situation, the cat, and now it is almost an epidemic in the past 10-year-old cat, with an average age of 13 years old. Veterinary experts believe the majority of cats, it is seen as the most common endocrine (glandular excretion principle) confusion aging cats, may be the most common diseases, they always see the cat for more than 10-year-old patients.

Cat Hyperthyroidism is a disease, multi-body systems, as a result of excessive secretion of thyroid hormone. This has seriously increased the metabolic rate of individuals. With the addition of the affected body system functions to speed up the cat, it can not be maintained. This is not the final outcome of the normal process in the heart, kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal problems, hyperactivity and severe weight loss, despite strong demand.

A number of other elderly cat diseases, including chronic renal failure, liver disease, cancer and diabetes have symptoms similar to those observed in cats with hyperthyroidism, so that when the diagnosis difficult. However, a thorough veterinary examination, together with the owner of a good history and conventional laboratory tests, it is relatively easy to diagnose in most cases. The practice of veterinary medicine in general tend to believe that this kind of cat it is necessary to the patient's physician or veterinary teaching facilities for further and more complex test before making a final diagnosis.

Prognosis simple cat hyperthyroidism (ie not with kidney disease, liver disease or serious damage to the heart) is usually good. Without treatment, hyperthyroidism cat will succumb to complications of the disease.

Medical management of this issue show that the three options a cat, should conduct in-depth discussion with your veterinary surgeon:

• non-invasive oral tablet a government deadline for the lives of cats.

• Surgical removal of the thyroid.

• injection of radioactive iodine.

The latter is currently considered the preferred treatment, but relatively expensive.

There is no known risk of the disease other than aging. Preventive measures including the closure of home monitoring, frequent veterinary checks, hope to have the right genes, and to help your cat to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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