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Saturday, June 20, 2009

cat hair black spots? Flea reminded!

Berks County, PA - Dear Christopher Cat: We found a stray kitten has small black spots in her long-term stay deep, fluffy hair. What are they?

Chris replied: these black flea dirt particles may be the euphemism of the flea droppings.

When a flea bites, drink a little blood, and excretion of black spots was digested blood.

To determine whether your cat is flea dirt spots, comb hair from her and place them on a white paper. Dripping wet and smear them a few of your fingers touch them. If you see a red-brown stripes of wet paper towel, your cat has fleas.

Fortunately, the process of killing them is very simple. Just apply a hot products, such as front-line In addition, advantage or revolution to your kitten's skin.

If you choose a different flea products, to ensure that the package said that it is safe for cats, because some products when the development of a fatal dog for our cats.

To check for fleas, I comb my hair my mother a fine-tooth flea comb every week. If she saw a flea dirt, she applies to the topic of my products to kill fleas and prevent the locusts in our home.

Even if your cat's life entirely indoors, you should be wary of. Fleas can be a smooth ride to your home page of your pants and shoes; Once inside, they attacked our cat. Is not only a nuisance caused by fleas, but they can carry disease.

Alternative weekly flea comb is one of the products as described above apply to your cat's skin once a month. Your cat will thank you.

Dear Daisy Dog: Actinidia, we Bichon / Shih Tzu puppy, the brake when we take his belt.

I tried attaching the leash to a harness instead of a collar, but it worked no better. What should we do?

Daisy said: my mother when I was 5, because I have never gone through the belt, I show the same way.

She taught me to see the fun of walking the dog a warm tribute to my every step.

Our dogs well, and actively to strengthen the "good dog!"

When we walk, my mother before me at a special taste to retain an injustice to our businesses. Every few steps, she has given me a.

Mom also taught me happy I enjoy walking belt of places, including parks and friends homes.

Finally, she let me have confidence in the belt entry at my dog obedience class.

There, I learned how to walk around other dogs and are not afraid of them.

Walking belt so that the fun - full of praise and rewards - and Kiwi soon as I can, like many


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