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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Compare Topical Flea Medications - Finding the Best For Your Pet

By Paul Kramer

As much as you value the health of your pet dogs, it is recommended that you compare topical flea medications in order to arrived at the most effective treatment for your dog's case. Fleas are among the most common parasites that infest our pets and so veterinarians are still looking for effective treatment to not only remedy but fully eliminate this condition.

However, not many realize that the dosage and form of medication given to their pets are essential determiners of the success (or failure of treatment applied). Hence, before you continue shopping for applications or treatment to administer to your pets, why not look into several factors that would enhance the effectiveness of the treatment applied.

The first thing you need to understand is that not all dogs are the same. They have different body structure, body weight, and age; hence you cannot expect one type of medication in the same dosage to work effectively for all. Since there are several flea and tick control products in the market, we will aim to discuss only those most commonly used and widely available in the market.

Advantage® flea and tick control are effective in several ways. First, they kill adult fleas and stop the development of smaller fleas. You must administer this medication to your pet topically on a monthly basis. However, you cannot apply this medication to dogs that are less than 8 weeks old. The active ingredient for this medication is Fipronil.

K9 Advantix, which consists mainly of Permethrin and Imidacloprid, is also administered to your pet topically on a monthly basis. It is best recommended for use on dogs that are at least 8 weeks old. By using K9 Advantix, you will effectively eliminate adult fleas that infest your pet dog's body, as well as those developing ones. Meanwhile, it is also effective against ticks, which serve as carriers for Lyme Disease, and mosquitoes.

Frontline® has Fipronil as active ingredient, while Frontline Plus® also contains Methoprene IGR aside from Fipronil. Both flea medications are applied topically once per month and for dogs not younger than 8 weeks.

While both Frontline® and Frontline Plus® are effective in killing adult fleas and ticks, only the former is able to stop the life cycle of younger fleas and prevent them from developing further. Hence, if you are aiming for not only temporary relief from fleas but want to full elimination, Frontline® might be the better option for your pet.

Fleas have been a long time problem experienced by pets. Therefore, it is not enough that you purchase medications that you hope will provide the solution to your problem. Maintain your immediate environment's cleanliness because if you do not, then there might be several fleas and ticks that could thrive in moist and damp areas. Another thing that you have to bear in mind is that you must have enough knowledge on how to properly and effectively administer the medications you provide for your pet. Compare topical flea medications for a more satisfying result and a healthier pet!


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